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Stationary electric box tippler (max. 500 kg lift capacity)


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  • Weight
    160 kg
  • Minimum HP
    61 hp

The box tippler is a stationary device powered from a 400 V electrical system with a minimum current of 2.5 kW. It is used in a technological line for emptying boxes of fruit or vegetables. It is equipped with an electric motor and a system of contactors and limit switches, which allows to work without using physical force of the operators. The machine is designed to work in temperatures from +5° to +40° C with air humidity of 50% at 40° C or 90% at 20° C. The tippler must not work in conditions of high contamination, e.g. chicken, acids, corrosive gases, salt, etc. The control is performed by means of up, down and STOP buttons installed in the cassette, which is portable within the radius of 3 m from the working tippler. The pallet boxes can be inserted into the device with a forklift truck or manual pallet loader. The tippler is equipped with a chute and side valves lined with soft material, which prevents the fruit or vegetables from crumpling and bending.

- soft cladding
- adjustable chute height
- handles for transport with forklift


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Product price

2 390 + VAT

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