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Trailer with petrol-driven air heater


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  • Weight
    120 kg
  • Minimum HP
    27 hp

The UZP-350/4 air heater is a heating device used to protect fruit trees and soft fruit crops against spring frosts. The protection consists in traveling with the device using an agricultural tractor in rows of trees or shrubs every 20-25 meters and heating and mixing air when the temperature drops below 0 ° C. During the journey, the fan and oil burners in the heater start. The air is sucked through the upper tube intake from a height of 4 meters from the ground, where the temperature is higher than in the lower parts of trees and shrubs. During this time, oil burners with a power of 350 kW produce a stream of hot air, which is directed through the blowing channels to the blinds. Before the blinds, the fan chamber mixes the hot air produced by oil burners with the cooler air sucked in by the fan, after which the mixed air streams (temperature around 60 ° C - 80 ° C) are forced through the blinds outside (10 m3 / s). The range of the stream is about 10 - 12 m one way (two sides about 24 m). The blow chambers additionally act as heat exchangers. The UZP-350/4 heating device has a retractable travel axle, which when extended increases the distance between the road wheels ensuring greater stability as well as enabling the device to be adapted to rows in crops e.g. strawberries. The upper part of the air intake is hydraulically folded, which reduces its height to 2.8 m, facilitating the transport and storage of the machine and allowing the device to be used in orchards where anti-hail nets are stretched.

The UZP-350/4 heating device attached to an agricultural tractor with an agricultural lower hitch consists of a support frame supported on road wheels with adjustable wheel track and a chamber (box housing) with hinged louvers (air flow guides) in the side walls. The chamber has arc blast ducts directed to the tilting louvers (serving as heat exchangers). Centrally above the blowing channels in a horizontal position there is a fan connected to the drive shaft from the tractor through an angular gear. Above the fan there is a built-in air intake. There are two oil burners on the rear wall in volts of the blow ducts. Above the burners housing there are tanks for diesel with a total capacity of 160 liters. Control and power supply of burners is located in the electric control box which is attached from the farm tractor side. The tractor operator with the heater has the ability to observe the air outlet temperature as well as turn the burners on or off during work passes.

- folded intake that facilitates storage and transport
- two fuel tanks (2x80L)
- lighting
- adjustable axle width
- self loading
- mounted battery
- torison hitch
- hot air generator is a machine that prevents the negavtive effects of frosts. Its operation is based collecting warmer air from a height of 4m, heating it with the help of oil bumers and then disperrsed at the height of plantings


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