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4 m disc harrow with roller (32 disc)


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  • Working width
    4000 mm
  • Number of discs (disc harrow)Number of discs (disc harrow)...
    32 pcs
  • Weight
    1875 kg
  • Minimum HP
    140 hp

Tilling sets - disc Hamal can be used for pre-sowing tillage after pre-sow or pre-winter plowing. It is also possible to use the set for tilling soil after simplified no-tillage cultivation, including on medium stony soils or soils overgrown with aftercrop intended for mulch. The main structural element of the machine is the support frame and two foldable side arms attached to it. The side arms are equipped with beam with toothed discs (flat or C type) with a diameter of 560 mm or 510 mm with a rake angle of 15˚. In addition, the unit is equipped with side screens that limit the rejection of the soil by the extreme discs of the front and rear sections. Working depth operation is determined by adjusting rear roller in the range from 6 cm to 16 cm. The disc section is equipped with a maintenance-free hub as a standard. In addition, each the disc section is protected individually against overload by a rubber. 


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Product price

10 675 + VAT

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