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3.2 m Double crumbling roller


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  • Width
    3200 mm
  • Number of hoesNumber of hoes...
    32 pcs
  • Weight
    290 kg
  • Minimum HP
    68 hp

Double string rollers Taurus may be used as a machine aggregated with a cultivator to form tilling sets. The advantage of combining two cultivating tools into one tilling set is that with a single drive of the machine achieves a well-prepared role for sowing or planting. By reducing the number of drive through the filed, the soil is not destroyed by the wheels of the tractor, and the cost of cultivating and fertilizing the soil is significantly reduced. The string roller causes a slight kneading of the soil, and thanks to the strings (toothed bars) it crushes the topsoil well. After passing such a roller, a thin, well-divided layer of the field is formed, under which the slightly kneaded layer is located. String rollers prepare the soil particularly well for spot sowing of seeds (e.g. beets, maize, vegetables). The working elements of the roller can be embedded in the frame on bearings or on bushes. The offer includes string rollers with a diameter of 295 mm adapted to the working width of the cultivators. The standard equipment is a screw connector setting the roller's working depth. Holders for lighting boards and a triangular board are mounted on the frame. 

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1 510 + VAT

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