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3 m power harrow (12 pcs sickle)


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  • Drivegear
    tractor PTO

Power harrows Orion are used for cultivation of soil after plowing and for sowing on mulch. The three-point suspension linkage is supported on a large width and ensures optimum power transfer. Movable arms with lower catches catenary category II and III provide optimal alignment with uneven terrain between the tractor and the suspended machine. Side deflectors have a double action as a cover against the threat and as a side stop for the treated soil and lumps. The side deflectors ensure uniformity of the field treatment and prevent the formation of mounds on the combination of one and the other pass. In the working position, the deflector must always be in contact with the surface of the field, so as not to damage it and limit its operation. It should be recessed at about 10 mm. The working depth (20 cm) is determined by positioning the rear roller. The power harrow is equipped with PTO shaft, leveling board, and hydraulic coupler (two hydraulic cylinders) as a standard. 


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Product price

11 245 + VAT

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