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120 cm 4 furrow disc plough


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  • Number of plowNumber of plow...
    4 pcs
  • Plow width
    300 mm
  • Width
    1200 mm
  • Minimum HP
    82 hp

Disc ploughs Lepus have a modular construction, i.e. they have the same structural elements but only differ in the number of bodies - discs and the size of the frame. The offer includes 2-,3- and 4-disc ploughs with the working width of 0,6 m, 0,9 m and 1,2 m. Disc ploughs are designed for ploughing on light, medium and heavy soils. They are well prepared for operation on stony ground, meadows and wasteland up to 25 cm deep. The plough constructor works particularly well in the cultivation of soil covered with plenty of plant remnants, compacted and very humus soils which usually clog mouldboard ploughs. The machine is equipped with three-point suspension system of II category movably connected to the frame of the plough. This contractor allows for smooth adjustment of the first furrow. The plough legs with mounted discs with a diameter of 660 mm from boron steel are bolted to the main frame of the plough. Legs have a step adjustment changing the approach angle of discs to improve the quality of ploughing and proper operation in various soil conditions. In addition, to adapt to various soil conditions, each disc is equipped with a smooth adjustment of the inclination angle by the eccentric bolt. The plough is equipped with support wheels of a diameter of 480 mm and a width of 165 mm setting the working depth up to 25 cm. Spring thrust wheel mounted on the last body is designed to balance the lateral forces acting on the disc bodies.


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Product price

3 185 + VAT

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