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Single-beam plough (3 plough body)


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  • Number of plowNumber of plow...
    3 pcs
  • Width
    1350 mm
  • Minimum HP
    50 hp

Single-beam ploughs Libra are perfect for medium and large farms in all soil conditions together with tractors between 50 HP to 115 HP. Ploughs are designed for medium and deep ploughing on flat, sloping and hilly fields on all types of soils. Distance between plough bodies on the frame equaling 90 cm and height under the frame equaling 78 cm allows for unconstrained operation on fields with post-harvest residues. The main frame profile is 120 x 120 mm. Plough body width is adjusted in steps for three positions (30 cm - 38 cm - 45 cm). The adjustment is performed easily by proper switching of the adjustment screw on each body seat on the plough frame. The setting of the frame itself (alignment) for particular working widths is performed with the use of a turnbuckle. The adjustment of the first plough body is performed mechanically with the screw allowing moving the slider together with the frame on the stationary ledger of the plough Small widths of the furrow are recommended during pre-sow ploughing, especially on heavy soils which require good crumbling. While large widths of the furrows are recommended to pre-winter ploughing, especially on light and medium soils. The machine is equipped as a standard with a protection against stones in the form of a shear bolt. It guarantees a longer life of the plough. Each plough body can be equipped with a skim coulter or cutter of diameter of 41 cm. Maximum permissible power of the tractor for single-beam plough U031: plough 3 – 82 HP, plough 4 – 105 HP, plough 5 – 126 HP Working with a higher power tractor results in a loss of warranty. 

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Product price

4 250 + VAT

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