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Frame plough (5 plough body)


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  • Number of plowNumber of plow...
    4+1 pcs
  • Plow width
    400 mm
  • Width
    2000 mm
  • Minimum HP
    136 hp

Frame ploughs [the conduct of the tractor in the furrow / the virgin soil] Lyra with a constant width of the body (40 cm, 45 cm) are designed for medium and deep ploughing on flat, sloping and hilly fields on all types of soils. Small widths of the furrow are recommended during pre-sow ploughing, especially on heavy soils which require good crumbling. While large widths of the furrows are recommended to pre-winter ploughing, especially on light and medium soils. The machine is adapted to conduct the tractor in a furrow or all wheels on the virgin soil. The way the tractor is run on the virgin soil gives an even load and grip on all wheels. This reduces slippage, allows higher speeds, and increases tire durability and plowing performance (up to 0.15 ha compared to classical plowing). An additional advantage of driving on the virgin soil is eliminating kneaded soil in the bottom of the furrow. In the case of driving the tractor on the virgin soil, it is recommended to mount a disc marker at the end of the plough. It allows to obtain a constant distance of the tractor's wheels from the furrow and to maintain the correct width of the first furrow. Distance between plough bodies on the frame equaling 90 cm and height under the frame equaling 83 cm allows for unconstrained operation on fields with post-harvest residues. The support wheel which sets the depth of ploughing in the range to 35 cm is mounted in the holder of the third plough body. 

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Product price

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