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Ceccato Olindo


Electric wood shredder for max 10 cm ⌀ branches (400 V)


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  • Performance (HP)Performance (HP)...
    12,5 hp
  • Weight
    360 kg
  • Max tree diameterMax tree diameter...
    10 cm
  • Blade
    4 pcs
  • Opposite bladeOpposite blade...
    2 pcs
  • Mincing blade
    24 pcs
  • Dimensions
    2200 x 1500 x 1970
  • Tunnel entranceTunnel entrance...
    620 x 520 cm
  • Drivegear

TRITONE MONSTER ELECTRIC 400 V is a biochipper with a professional 12hp electric motor, suitable for shredding large quantities of vegetable waste, it is an entirely Italian product and is equipped with a large loading hopper to facilitate the insertion of branched vegetable waste. The hopper is foldable to limit the encumbrance in road transport or when put to rest. The woodchips discharge outlet can be rotated 360° and has a height of about two metres. It has an electric motor of 12 hp, 9.32 kw, a very large cutting mass of 690 mm diameter with four main blades and 24 chopping hammers inside, the transmission between motor and cutting mass is by means of two belts. it is also equipped with two counter-blades to obtain an excellent cut. It is fitted with three large pneumatic wheels, one of which is a swivel wheel controlled by a drawbar to facilitate manual movement. The 12.5hp electric Honda Monster Tritone complies with CE regulations on safety at work. It needs 400 volt to be operated.


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Product price

3 330 + VAT

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