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Ceccato Olindo


Cardan driven wood shredder (max 7 cm ⌀ branches)


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1 270
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  • Performance (HP)Performance (HP)...
    18 hp
  • Weight
    110 kg
  • Max tree diameterMax tree diameter...
    7 cm
  • Blade
    2 pcs
  • Opposite bladeOpposite blade...
    2 pcs
  • Mincing blade
    8 pcs
  • Dimensions
    1340 x 1050 x 1130
  • Tunnel entranceTunnel entrance...
    360 x 360 cm
  • Drivegear
    tractor PTO
  • Minimum HP
    18 hp

The TRITONE ONE P.T.O. Ceccato Olindo is a cardan bio-shredder built following the logic of professional bio-shredders, thus obtaining the maximum result in terms of cutting, speed and reliability. The PTO newt, entirely Italian product is equipped with a three-point hitch for the tractor and a speed multiplier with cardan shaft, a cutting mass with two main knives and 8 shredder knives inside. The transmission between multiplier and cutting mass is made by means of two belts. The gem that makes it the number one in its category are the two interchangeable counter blades, just like professional bio-shredders have. Blade and counter-blade in fact make the cutting easier, therefore they increase the efficiency of the machine and the speed of the work. It mounts full wheels. The Tritone One P.T.O. complies with CE regulations on safety at work. It needs a minimum 18 HP tractor to be operated. The cardan shaft is optional, not included.


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Product price

1 270
1 232 + VAT

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