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80 cm Flail mower for two wheel tractors (Y-knife)


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  • Working width
    800 mm
  • Minimum HP
    7 hp
  • Number of Y knifeNumber of Y knife...
    40 pcs
  • Weight
    71 kg

Flail mower for frontal use, with flail mower type cutting system with horizontal axis rotor shaft with articulated Y-shaped hoe with shackle fixing. The equipment is applicable to any type of motor cultivator with reversible handlebars as long as it is suitable for weight and power and to 16-20 HP tractors. This equipment is predisposed for operation with PTO at maximum 950 rpm and is supplied complete with:

- Support roller adjustable in height in 5 positions

- Sheet metal front protection with chains.

- Rear rubber protection.

- Lateral V-belt transmission with angle gearbox and oil bath gears, freewheel device that when the clutch is disengaged prevents the rotor inertia from dragging the motor cultivator forward.

- CE manual with declaration of conformity type B and spare parts table.

- ACCESSORIES ON REQUEST Oscillating attachment for application to the motor cultivator 

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Product price

1 380 + VAT

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