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2 m Forestry flail mower for CAT, JCB (hydraulic, with hammers)


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  • Working width
    2000 mm
  • Weight
    1020 kg
  • Hydraulic pressureHydraulic pressure...
    350-450 bar
  • Oil flow
    70-100 l/min

Hidraulic Forestry mulcher for shovels and Excavators. Models TBF-Marine-II hydraulic and DFR-H.
The models TBF-H and DFR-H mulchers are designed to be mounted on the hydraulic tracked tractors of the different brands. The models of TBF-H crushers and DFR-H finishing mowers, are adapted to the hydraulic system outlets of the tractors where the hydraulic oil flow and the working pressure of the hydraulic equipment pump are those that feed the hydraulic motors and transmission to belts of the hammer rotor axles in the TBF-H crushers or chain drive in the DFR-H models, depending on the machine that is adapted to each traction vehicle.The required power of the thermal motor and pump flow in these chain tractors for the assembly of these TBF-H and DFR-H range from 90 to 120 HP shovels and a flow rate from 90 to 140 litres/minute. In all cases the maximum pressure at which our valve blocks are set is between 300 and 450 bar. The crushing capacity under working conditions in these models ranges from 12 cm. in the DFR-H chain brushcutter models and 20 cm. in the TBF-H semi-foresters.A derivation of the models of Semi-forestal Crusher series TBF-MARINE-II, is the model TBF-II-H, for customers who do not have conventional tractors but they have JCB, or Caterpillar machines with hidraulic gear with more specific characteristics capable of mounting Hydraulic Crushers with an optimum performance. The model can be mounted on Public and Civil Works Machinery Ranges such as Hydrostatic Chain Tractors, Retro-mixed and in some cases on Loaders and Bulldozers. The characteristics of the equipment are similar to those that are coupled on a tractor, but with hydraulic use without PTO.
-Chassis in anti-wear plating.
-Hydraulic piston motor (63 c.c.)
-Absorbed power 71 hp
-Type of forest fairing shaft (550 mm.)
-Type of hydraulic transmission.
-Adjustable rear rollers.
-power requirement 36 to 60 hp.
-Support skids.
-Hydraulic tailgate.


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13 480 + VAT

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