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Ceccato Olindo


Cardan driven wood splitter with 12 ton thrust


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  • Drivegear
    tractor PTO
  • Thrust
    12 ton
  • Wedgestroke
    540 mm
  • Maximum height of the splitted woodMaximum height of the splitted wood...
    540/870/1260 mm
  • Working table
    350 x 270 mm
  • Weight
    190 kg
  • Dimensions
    890 x 750 x 1070
  • Minimum HP
    18 hp
  • Drivegear
    gasoline engine

The SPLT12F is a vertical log splitter entirely made in Italy, with a thrust of 12 tons, a large-sized knife and an oversized high-strength steel frame, allows you to split wood logs, even knotty, of variable dimensions up to a maximum of 54 cm in height thanks to the special construction with movable benches and a 20mm thick solid steel base. It is equipped with three-point couplings and a pump and multiplier unit that engages directly into the PTO of the tractor which guarantees a powerful thrust and a great working speed. It is equipped with wheels for movement and an automatic adjustable end of stroke control system. With this professional log splitter, cutting work is simple and safe: the SPLT12F is equipped with special safety devices that protect the user.


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Product price

1 610 + VAT

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