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Ceccato Olindo


Electric/cardan driven wood splitter with 12 ton thrust


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2 000 + VAT
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  • Drivegear
    electromotor/tractor PTO
  • Performance (Kw)Performance (Kw)...
    2,2 kw
  • Supply VoltageSupply Voltage...
    230 V
  • Thrust
    12 ton
  • Wedgestroke
    540 mm
  • Maximum height of the splitted woodMaximum height of the splitted wood...
    540 mm
  • Working table
    350 x 270 mm
  • Weight
    159 kg
  • Dimensions
    820 x 750 x 1070
  • Minimum HP
    18 hp
  • Drivegear
    electromotor/tractor PTO

The SPLET12 log splitter by Ceccato Olindo is a vertical log splitter entirely made in Italy. The SPLET12 with a thrust of 12 tons and a reinforced double tubular frame, allows to split wood logs, even knotty, of variable dimensions up to a maximum height of 54 cm. It is equipped with a three-point hitch, double pump on the electric motor and a pump-multiplier unit that engages directly into the PTO of the tractor which guarantees a powerful thrust and a great working speed. It is also equipped with wheels for movement and an automatic adjustable end of stroke control system. With this professional log splitter, cutting work is simple and safe: the SPLET12 is equipped with special safety devices that protect the user.


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Product price

2 000 + VAT

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