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Seeder with pneumatic system and 150 L tank


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  • Capacity (liter)Capacity (liter)...
    150 l
  • Length
    1000 mm
  • Width
    700 mm
  • Height
    860 mm

The Zocon seed drill is a high quality pneumatic seed drill for fine and coarse seeds. Specifically developed with an eye for user-friendliness and effectiveness. The machine is composed of high quality components. The twin blower, for example, provides a large air displacement capacity for a large working range. The sowing motor, with specially developed 350 x 50 mm sowing rollers, ensures an accurate and large sowing capacity. The elements of the sowing roller are mounted in a spiral to ensure a very accurate and proportional seed distribution. The quick-change systems of the Zocon seed drill make it possible to change implements in a very short time. In addition, the Zocon seed drill is equipped with an integrated collection container and rotary switch for quick and easy changeover.

Basic equipment:
• “Basic” control box removable and moisture resistant
(prepared for optional signal cables and sensors)
• 24 positions for sowing rate and air displacement
• 5-stage adjustment rubber seal
• Electrically driven Twin blower
• Electrically driven seed rotor with quick-change system
• Quick-change system outputs (output not included)
• Plate for quick-change seeder between different
implements (1 piece included)
• Galvanized frame and white and transparent plastic hopper for level indication with hinged lid
• Integrated collector for a quick/accurate calibration test
• Integrated storage for an extra seed rotor, clamps, etc.
• 1 bundle of hose 25 meters Ø30 mm
• Cable for power supply directly from tractor battery
• Choice in 4 different seed rotors (1 included)

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Product price

2 673
2 539 + VAT

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