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4 row seed drill (distance between rows 12-32 cm)


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  • Working depth
    90 mm
  • Distance between rowsDistance between rows...
    120-320 mm
  • Capacity (kg)
    200 kg
  • Weight
    385 kg
  • Minimum HP
    38 hp

Planters Gemma are available as 3-row, 4-row or 5-row machines. They are adapted for cooperation with 40 HP tractors equipped with three point suspension system, cat II. Planters are perfect for plantations in small and medium-sized farms. To meet the high agrotechnical expectations as to cultivating vegetables regarding the distance between rows, distances seed in a row and planting depth, significant improvements have been made. The machine's configuration allows it to be adapted to the requirements of growers of garlic, spring onions and broad beans plants. Adaptation of the planter for planting appropriate seeds is achieved by mounting the appropriate size of buckets (28 mm or 35 mm) on a transport chain in the tank. Buckets can be easily replaced by screwing them in the chain connection links. Another important parameter is the distance between rows. The 3-row planter allows for seeding from 12 cm to 48 cm in rows, 4-row: from 12 cm to 32 cm, 5-row: from 12 cm to 24 cm. Seed spacing in a row can be adjusted from 9.5 cm to 21 cm. The adjustment takes place by replacing the chain wheel on the drive shaft. The use of the Taper Lock bushing for the installation of chain wheels makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the wheel. The depth of seed planting is adjusted in steps with supporting wheels in the range 3 / 5 / 7 / 9 cm. The spacing of the planter wheels enables cooperation with tractors with a wheel base of 135 cm or 150 cm. Planting wheels will be in the tracks of the tractor's wheels. The machine is equipped as a standard with kneading wheels and the equalizer roller.


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Product price

4 565 + VAT

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