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3 row potato planter (distance between ridging bodies 70-75cm)


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  • Distance between rowsDistance between rows...
    700-750 mm
  • Capacity (kg)
    300 kg
  • Weight
    220 kg
  • Minimum HP
    43 hp
  • Working depth
    10-15 mm
  • Planting IntervalPlanting Interval...
    32 cm

Two-row potato planters Gemini have got the three point suspension system of tractor. The planter is mounted on the tractor with three point suspension system, cat II. In one working cycle, the machine performs all work related to potato planting, i.e. makes furrows, automatically seeds the potatoes and forming the ridge. Potatoes can be planted in the interrows 62.5 / 67.5 cm or 70 / 75 cm at variable distances seed in a row (29 cm, 32 cm and 35 cm) in the metal wheels and a constant distance of 32 cm in the rubber wheels. Changing the distance of seed potatoes in a row of 29 cm by 32 cm to 35 cm can be achieved by changing the diameter of the wheels. Planting depth is 10 - 15 cm. 

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Product price

885 + VAT

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