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150 cm rear mounted flail mower (with hammers)


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  • Sidemove (mm)
    320 mm
  • Working width
    1500 mm
  • Weight
    600 kg
  • Working capacityWorking capacity...
    25 ha/h
  • Minimum HP
    41 hp
  • Wedgestroke
    70 mm

The flail branch shredder is a three-point linkage (RUP) mounted machine designed for use with agricultural tractors of class 0.9T and above. The drive is transmitted via the PTO shaft of the tractor. The shredder is widely used in orchards, berries, meadows and fields. The machine shreddes grasses, harvest residues, straw, branches (up to ø7 cm), bushy soil. The shredded material remains on the ground as organic fertilizer. The machine's casing is a welded steel structure made of sections and plates. At the front of the body there are movable front covers, at the back the outlet cover is adjustable. In order to connect the tractor to the machine, a three-point linkage is mounted at the front. The connection of the shredder can be symmetrical along the axis of the tractor or offset to the right. The offset is made by a double-acting cylinder mounted on the machine, powered by the tractor's external hydraulic system. At the back of the body there is a support roller mounted to adjust the height of shredding and mowing. In the centre of the body there is an angular gearbox mounted, which transmits the drive to the belt transmission and via V-belts to the knife shaft. The flail knives are mounted on the knife shaft which is placed horizontally to the ground. The rotation of the shaft is counter-rotating when driving forward with the machine and amounts to about 2000 rpm at 540 rpm of the tractor PTO.

- hidraulic shift
- front support wheel
- a digitally-shaped shaft with a diameter of 20 cm
- adjustable cutting height
- collecting tines in RB-PT version
- tilting hammers with weight of 13 kg
- rear support wheel


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