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PULER 1200

12 m Tine harrow (hydraulic folding, 480 spring tines)

PULER 1200

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  • Weight
    1450 kg
  • Working width
    11950 mm
  • Transport widthTransport width...
    300 cm
  • Hydraulic foldingHydraulic folding...
  • Number of spring tinesNumber of spring tines...
    480 pcs
  • Number of units (tine harrow)Number of units (tine harrow)...
    8×1.5 m
  • Number of wheelsNumber of wheels...
    4 pcs

An efficient, environmentally friendly implement for mechanical weed control.

“Puler” tine harrow
Sustainable farming methods are becoming increasingly important in modern agriculture. For this reason, we have developed a high-quality tine harrow “Puler”; an effective implement for mechanical weed control.

SEQUENCE / the high efficiency of the harrow is ensured by the complementary action of the individual elements, which are arranged in the following sequence: level-setting wheel, levelling plank, and 6 rows of spring tines.

ADJUSTING THE SPRING TINE ANGLE / quick and simple angle adjustment.

TRANSPORT POSITION / the hydraulic system makes raising and lowering the side frames of the harrow quicker and simpler.

LEVELLING PLANK / intended for levelling out molehills and irregular surfaces / used on grass-covered surfaces / height-adjustable / the flexible suspension enables it to maintain constant contact with the ground.

LEVEL-SETTING SUPPORT WHEEL / is used to adjust the tilling depth of the spring tines / height-adjustable / it has a broad tread surface / all models are equipped with 2 wheels as standard.


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Product price

9 750 + VAT

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