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Leaf stripper


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  • Weight
    210 kg
  • Working width
    550 mm
  • Oil flow
    40 l/min
  • Side move
    500 mm
  • Vertical shiftVertical shift...
    500 mm
  • Stripping roller speedStripping roller speed...
    150-600 rpm
  • Leaf stripping head speed towards canopyLeaf stripping head speed towards canopy...
  • Hydraulic unit with heat exchangerHydraulic unit with heat exchanger...

A revolutionary machine wich, thanks to an accurate and precise leaf-stripping system, comparable to hand made procedure, allows to effectively remove leaves form the earliest stages to a mature and fully formed cluster. The working head automatically moves towards the vegetation maintaining a correct distance from the vegetation as configured by the operator trough the control system of the machine. The amount of removed leafs can be dosed with a surgical precision, by pressing the +/- buttons that controls the rotation rate of the stripping roller during work. 
- Right side frame. 
- Working head with 45 cm. or 55 cm. height 
- Console with all controls integrated on the joystick
- Right side frame with three hydraulic movement 
- Automatic hydraulic approach the canopy
- Regulation from console of the intensity of stripping during the work of the machine
- System of reverse rotation rollers to eject debris
- Attachment frame to the tractor

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Product price

14 800 + VAT

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