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Trimmer machine


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12 500 + VAT
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  • Weight
    260 kg
  • Oil flow
    28-35 l/min
  • Side move
    800 mm
  • Vertical shiftVertical shift...
    600 mm
  • Topping width
    600-700 mm
  • Cutting bars vertical heightCutting bars vertical height...
    1650 mm

The maximum efficiency and speed of work with a simple machine to safely trim both sides of the row at the right of the tractor. The high-speed blades system is the most performant from the point of view of the operational capacity in hours per hectares and is assisted in this by the strong chassis at inverted U. It works with the hydraulic flow from the tractor, but is suggested the use with independent hydraulic central at the rear of the tractor to avoid heating.The strong chassis is also protected from the possibility of collision with poles hidden by vegetation by using a safety device that allows the rotation of the whole horizontal part of the chassis around a pin placed at the top of the vertical column and its return in position once raised the head and overcome the obstacle. 
- Horizontal hydraulic movement 600 mm. 
- Vertical hydraulic movement 800 mm. 
- Floating head with shock absorbers 
- Hydraulic tilt +/- 20° as optional 
- Electro-hydraulic controls with joystick
- Safety device for impact against the ground with gas spring return
- Garaging stand

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Product price

12 500 + VAT

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