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Double row chemical desuckering machine


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  • Weight
    278 kg
  • Working heightWorking height...
    300-900 mm
  • Side move
    600 mm
  • Vertical shiftVertical shift...
    800 mm

The double row chemical desuckering machine mod.216 is suitable for desuckering vineyards with espalier training systems. It carries out this task by applying a liquid containing a drying solution to the lower part of the plant, below the fruit-bearing branches, thus wetting the suckers and drying them out completely. It is applied to the front of the tractor. Recommended for 1,80 – 3,20 m. width rows vineyards. suitable to overcome poles of 2.50 max, box 40 cm height. (Other sizes on request)

- Frame with hydraulic movement vertical (80 cm.) and horizontal (60 cm.)

- Telescopic frame to fit the height of the bridge to the canopy height

- Adjustable Head Width (from 74 to 82 cm.) 

- Isolation top with brush system to bristle end in two layers separated by PVC sheet upper doors brush holder in compass openable stainless steel for internal inspection

- Frame with safety device against accidental bumps

- Guides invitation poles and automatically extendable strains with springy return nozzle columns flexibly mounted

- Kit to use the machine as an only weed spraying hydraulic hoses with quick couplings for connection to the distributor of the tractor

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Product price

7 800 + VAT

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