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120 cm Hydraulic driven front mounted arm flail mower (6m arm)


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  • Working width
    1200 mm
  • Weight
    1010 kg
  • Number of Y knifeNumber of Y knife...
    36 pcs
  • Hydraulic pressureHydraulic pressure...
    250 bar
  • Oil flow
    60-100 l/min

MAC Hydraulic arm-mulcher to be coupled on backhoes with ranges from 5 m to 6 m and telescopic up to 7 m. The front coupling system is adjusted on the blade support by means of a structure according to the backhoe model. Handling by means of proportional distributor with joystick and perfect adjustment of all handling functions by means of a cable to the backhoe cab. Lateral positioning with all movements and ranges at distances of between 5 and 7 metres. Perfect staggering of movements, as well as efficient work where required. 1 or 1.20 m mower heads with knife, hammer or interchangeable cutting system. The machine has the necessary counterweights in case they are required by the carrier.
-Arm lengths 5-6 m and telescopic at 7m.
-Front hook on shovel.
-Flow splitting valve.
-Electric controls.
-Mechanical support legs.
-Direct reversible motor.
-Anti-projection rear skirt.
-Full positioner roller.
-Automatic safety valve.
-Oil cooler.
-absorbed power 30 hp

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