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FA 1800XL

180 cm XL rotary mower

FA 1800XL

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1 625 + VAT
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  • Weight
    235 kg
  • Working width
    1800 mm
  • RPM
    540 rpm
  • Number of sickleNumber of sickle...
    3 pcs
  • Minimum HP
    22 hp

The Boxer FA XL finishing mower is a heavier version of the normal FA mower. It is extremely suitable for use behind compact and medium sized tractors. By means of the point-like front of the mower it can be placed behind the tractor for a shorter period of time. The mower is equipped with 3 cutting blades and the cutting height is adjustable by adjusting the 4 running wheels. Because the running roller is on the front side, this ensures that the mower does not get stuck in the ground and leave no marks. The grass is also ejected at the rear.

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Product price

1 625 + VAT

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