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36 cm Plough hydraulically reversible with gauge wheel for small tractors (1 Mouldboard, min. 30 HP)


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  • Sidemove (mm)
    310 mm
  • Number of plowNumber of plow...
    1 pcs
  • Height
    1100 mm
  • CAT
    I cat
  • Length
    1050 mm
  • Width
    800 mm
  • Minimum HP
    30 hp
  • Working width
    360 mm
  • 3-point size
    19-22 mm
  • Spacing between the 2 lower pointsSpacing between the 2 lower points...
    530-620 mm
  • Furrow diagonalFurrow diagonal...
    1030 mm
  • Plow width
    360 mm
  • Effective DisplacementEffective Displacement...
    310 mm
  • Thickness of the armThickness of the arm...
    35x70 mm
  • Cutting Edge LenghtCutting Edge Lenght...
    450 mm
  • Cutting Edge ThicknessCutting Edge Thickness...
    15 mm
  • 3 point Linkage tube sizes3 point Linkage tube sizes...
    60x10 mm
  • Depth adjustment Wheel sizesDepth adjustment Wheel sizes...
    25x10 mm
  • Working depth
    180-280 mm
  • Weight
    163 kg

DELEKS® DRHP-35 Hydraulic Plough has been designed to fit all compact 30-50 HP tractors e.g Kubota, Fiat, McCormick, Iseki, Ford, New Holland T3000, etc. Designed for cultivating clay or sandy soils. Hydraulic overturn.

Maximum external width of the tractor: 1250 mm. Hydraulic overturning (with cylinder, Valve (Marchesini-BS-Italy) and 2 hydraulic pipes 1.50m and connections 1/2". Additional welded frame strengthening parts on the arm to reinforce stress points. 2 Skim coulters.


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