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160 cm Hydraulic driven forestry mower (rotor with 4 chains)


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  • Working width
    1600 mm
  • Weight
    960 kg
  • Hydraulic pressureHydraulic pressure...
    350-450 bar
  • Oil flow
    70-100 l/min

The DFR-H series of finishing mowers are chain cutting forestry machines for hydrostatic tractors. With coupling systems by means of rear hydraulic hitch or by means of hitch on ripper. Different working sizes depending on the model of hydrostatic tractors. The rotor system with treated chains allows you to clear all types of material on forest tracks and areas of difficult access. Mounting on the tractor is done either directly on the ripper itself, by means of a hitch support prepared for the ripper, or by means of a hitch with arms that can be adapted to the rear of the ripper. It can also be mounted on the front of the tractor in place of the dozer blade.
- 4 chains of 19mm G-80
-Chassis is anti wear plate.
-Piston hydraulic motor (75 c.c.).
-Power requirement from 36 to 60 HP.
-Type of hydraulic transmission.
- Rotor chain guard in anti-wear material.
-Adjustable rear retainers.
-Support skids.
-Hydraulic rear door.

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Product price

9 920 + VAT

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