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1.3 m Forestry mower (rotor with 4 chains)


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  • Working width
    1300 mm
  • Weight
    630 kg
  • Minimum HP
    40 hp

The DFR-DFRE forestry mowers are manufactured in 1,30-1,60-1,80 and 2 meters of work and the DFRE-Ordesa models are manufactured in 2,40 mts. and 2,90 mts. The forest harvester models DFR and DFRE are suitable for tractors from 70 HP. Up to 230 hp. Interchangeable chain or blade cutting tools. High speed of hard and resistant work and efficient crushing system. The mowers are equipped with 19mm chains. In G80 quality. The same chain carrier system allows to work with 2 or 4 chains to improve the mowing or shredding of the waste. The DFR and DFRE models of mowers have 4 chains, depending on the size of the machine, and the DFRE-Ordesa 2.40 and 2.90 models have 8 chains arranged in double chain holders The transmission or cardan shaft is equipped with a safety clutch to double-ferrule discs. We differentiate the power transmitting groups in the DFR and DFRE models, in 100CV, 130CV and 160 CV. These are the decisive powers of the carrier tractor, while the power in the Ordesa brushcutter models can reach up to 200 HP. The ground supports on this model of maintenance brushcutters are equipped with skids lined in their friction parts with treated steel, and the rear doors for working in the reverse position allow hydraulic opening by means of cylinders. The coupling on the tractor is three-point and CAT category. I-II and -CAT-III. It is also possible in some cases to couple them on hydrostatic tractors or chain loaders by means of a solidary coupling and transmission system by means of a hydraulic engine.
- Reinforced chassis (10mm).
-Height adjustment by skates.
-Transmission with safety clutch.
-Special chains treated.
- rear door can be opened or closed

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Product price

5 725 + VAT

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