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100 cm forestry flail mower for 7-10T excavators (fixed teeth)


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  • Working width
    1000 mm
  • Weight
    450 kg
  • Hydraulic pressureHydraulic pressure...
    220-240 bar
  • Oil flow
    70-100 l/min
  • Hammer PCs
    40 pcs

The LW (fixed hammer) forestry head for backhoe loaders from 7,000 kg to 10,000 kg is designed to crush branches, trees, stumps and tree felling debris. It is equipped with special hammers with hard metal tips, more resistant and durable. The construction of the rotor with the perfect electronic balance allows an excellent crushing. The monoblock chassis system together with the skids for height adjustment. Reinforced and its regulation system allows to work in different heights. The opening gate system can be mounted mechanically or hydraulically. The construction is extremely solid and robust. THE MODELS ARE MANUFACTURED IN SSAB MATERIAL OF HIGH RESISTANCE AND ELASTICITY.

  • Tungsten material hammers
    - Monohull chassis in SSAB steel sheet. High elastic limit.
    - Widia hammer rotor shaft.
    - Support skids.
    - Hydraulic piston engine and optionally gears.
    - Motor safety valve.
    - Transmission by pulleys and belts.
    - Mouth opening system for quick entry of material.
    - Back opening opening.
    - Crushing capacity up to ø 30cm.

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Product price

8 600 + VAT

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