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Beta M 1850

185 cm offset flail mulcher

Beta M 1850

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  • Weight
    366 kg
  • Working width
    1850 mm
  • RPM
    540 rpm
  • Hammer PCs
    32 pcs
  • Hammer Weight
    450 g
  • Minimum HP
    38 hp
  • CAT
    I, II cat
  • V-Belts
    3 pcs
  • Rotor DiameterRotor Diameter...
    110 mm
  • Total diameterTotal diameter...
    310 mm
  • Width
    2025 mm
  • Length
    1560 mm
  • Height
    835 mm
  • Drivegear
    tractor PTO

Flexibility in a small package. For the demanding semi-professional user. Precise and controllable mowing at the tip of your fingers. Very good results even when terrain is undulated or mulcher is used vertical to cut roadside plants. Best suited for undulated medium estates and farms, ditches, embankments hedges, roadsides and orchards. When required, the BETA M can mulch woody plants with a hammer or grass with Y-blades. Spiral mounting of hammers and knives for higher output than traditional mulchers.


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Product price

2 485 + VAT

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