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120 cm Rear/center mounted arm flail mulcher with suction system


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  • Weight
    1100 kg
  • Working width
    1200 mm
  • Arm length
    4,95 m
  • RPM
    540 rpm
  • Minimum HP
    90/100 hp
  • Drivegear
    tractor PTO

Professional Suction Hydraulic flail mower with arm BAP-BAC

Professional Hydraulic fl ail mower with arm designed and made for cutting grass on road embankments with suction of the grass in the same time. Rear or centrally application to tractor min. Power 90-100 Hp.

Machine complete with:

• Flail mower with suction working width cm 120 with guards and standard Y

blades type F1 or F3

• Reversible rotor

• Iron Double pump with hight performance

• Indipendent hydro plant.

• Gear box for PTO 540-1000/rpm.

• Hydraulic’s tube with PVC spiral protection

• All joint are mounted on steel bush with hammered.

• Hydraulic safety device

• Oil tank with lt 240

• Cable controls

• Tractor stabilizers and cardan shaft.

• Manual CE with spare parts list and conformity CE

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Product price

19 180 + VAT

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