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Alpha M 2400 Grizzly

2.4 m flail mulcher with hydraulic sideshift

Alpha M 2400 Grizzly

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  • Weight
    580 kg
  • Working width
    2400 mm
  • RPM
    540 rpm
  • Hammer PCs
    22 pcs
  • Hammer Weight
    1650 g
  • Minimum HP
    60 hp
  • CAT
    II cat
  • V-Belts
    5 pcs
  • Rotor DiameterRotor Diameter...
    162 mm
  • Total diameterTotal diameter...
    452 mm
  • Width
    2660 mm
  • Length
    880 mm
  • Height
    860 mm
  • Maximum Left side moveMaximum Left side move...
    1270 mm
  • Maximum Right side moveMaximum Right side move...
    1130 mm
  • Minimum Left side moveMinimum Left side move...
    870 mm
  • Minimum Right side moveMinimum Right side move...
    1530 mm
  • Sidemove
  • Drivegear
    tractor PTO

The extra heavy built Alpha M Grizzly is ideal in semi forestry conditions. Equipped with all options such as belt tensioner, hydraulic mulch doors and side shift. It is one of the most convenient machine for heavy all around use from stubblefields and overgrown fields. The cold forged serrated hammers can cut up to 10 cm wood as well as dense weed fields. The main shaft is equipped with SKF bearings and is very strong and resistant to bumps and small obstacles. The hydraulic operated doors allow an easy and comfortable switch from mulching to mowing with a higher working speed.


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Product price

3 620 + VAT

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