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Alpha M 1750 Disc Plus

175 cm flail mulcher with hydraulic swing mower

Alpha M 1750 Disc Plus

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  • Weight
    478 kg
  • Working width
    1750 mm
  • RPM
    540 rpm
  • Hammer PCs
    28 pcs
  • Hammer Weight
    700 g
  • Minimum HP
    35 hp
  • CAT
    I, II cat
  • V-Belts
    3 pcs
  • Rotor DiameterRotor Diameter...
    112 mm
  • Total diameterTotal diameter...
    352 mm
  • Width
    2420 mm
  • Length
    1900 mm
  • Height
    1150 mm
  • Maximum Left side moveMaximum Left side move...
    830 mm
  • Maximum Right side moveMaximum Right side move...
    920 mm
  • Minimum Left side moveMinimum Left side move...
    430 mm
  • Minimum Right side moveMinimum Right side move...
    1320 mm
  • Sidemove
  • Drivegear
    tractor PTO

Strong and durable. Tried and proven construction makes it easy to operate. The classic all-round mulcher with a newly designed rear door for fast disposal of cuttings to increase production speed. All the benefits of the classic ALPHA M all-around mulcher, with added flexibility of a powerful swing mower. Added flexibility of an swing mower with autonomous hydraulic system, not overloading tractor hydraulics. Best suited for mowing inter-row vineyard, orchard and fenced meadows. When required, the ALPHA M can mulch woody plants with a hammer or grass with Y-blades. Spiral mounting of hammers and knives for higher output than traditional mulchers.


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Product price

4 280 + VAT

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