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120 cm Sweeping machine 14 KW Hydraulic drive (Front- rear 3 point hitch, forklift mount)


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  • Working width
    1500 mm
  • Weight
    200 kg

• 3-point hitch, front or rear
• Forklift connection (rigid connection)
• Hydraulic drive, (14 kw)
• Brush with a diameter of 510 mm 1
of 3 types (mix type in standard)
• Brush mix (metal + polypropylene)
• Brush (Polypropylene)
• Spiral brush mix for snow
• Two road wheels and one support
wheel at the front ø 200x50 with
mechanical height adjustment
• Terrain following system in two planes
• Diagonal sweeping position
(condition - no dirt tank)
• Mechanical sweeper angle adjustment

• Garbage container with mechanical discharge
using a cable from the vehicle
• Garbage container with hydraulic dump
• Sprinkler system - consists of: tank with a capacity
of 175l with external filter, conveying pump / vehicle
powered installation: 12 (24 v), rod with flat nozzles.
• Rotary side brush in three types to choose from:
mix, ppn or metal type (can be installed on the
right or left side or on both sides), the side brush
drive installation is equipped with a shut-off valve
enabling it to be switched off without disassembly
• Other types of brackets for wheel loaders possible
• Hydraulic sweep angle adjustment, allowing
sweeping without leaving the vehicle
• Attention !!! additional hydraulic section required
• Pressure relief valve for loaders with a
hydraulic pressure greater than 16 mpa
• Oil flow regulator for chargers with a
flow rate greater than 60 l / min.
• Reinforced hydraulics for wheel loaders with high oil flow

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